Terms & Conditions (Retailers)


  • The SAO Hallmarking Scheme (hereinafter referred to as “the Scheme”) shall be administered by SAO.
  • Participation in all SAO Schemes shall be on a biennial basis. Each term of participation shall normally be 24 calendar months from the date of commencement of the Scheme each year, unless otherwise expressly stipulated by SAO.
  • Renewal Fees are charged annually but are to be paid biennially. SAO reserves the right to withdraw from the Scheme, any outlets that do not make timely payments of their renewal fees.
  • The Scheme shall be open to all outlets and manufacturers who can comply with all the terms and conditions governing the Scheme. Each member can participate in one Scheme only. If the member has more than one option, the member must opt for the most suitable scheme to participate. Once the member has selected the scheme of choice, switching of schemes is not allowed.

Membership Application

  • SAO reserves the right to accept or reject any application for the participation in the schemes without giving any reason whatsoever.
  • SAO have a right to revoke membership of participants to the scheme should the member fail to submit articles for assaying and/or hallmarking for a consecutive period of 6 months.
  • Jewellery outlets with more than 40% of their shop front stocks that are of articles exempted from hallmarking shall not be eligible to participate.

SAO Services

  • Participants shall allow staff from SAO to make periodic check on their stock to ascertain compliance at all times. SAO shall notify participants 2 weeks in advance before inspection. SAO staff shall prove their identity by showing their employee badge. If in doubt, the outlet can call SAO to verify the staff’s identity.
  • All jewellery except for exempted articles that are available for sale at participating outlets must be 100% hallmarked.
  • List of article exempted from hallmarking.
    1. Any article which is so small or fine that it cannot be hallmarked.
    2. Any article of fineness lower than the minimum standard (Please refer to item 11 for more details).
    3. Any article which is less than 1 gm.
  • SAO Authorised Standards:
    1. Gold: 999, 916, 900, 750, 585, 375
    2. Silver: 999, 958, 925, 800
    3. Platinum: 999, 950, 900, 850
  • The articles will be marked with the standard of the lower fineness value than the test result should it not be able to meet the required standard.

Collection of Screened Articles

  • The outlet shall send a representative to collect the screened articles within three months upon notification of completion of the job by SAO. SAO shall impose an administrative fee if articles are not collected after three months and SAO reserves the right to dispose of all uncollected articles.


  • SAO shall issue a certificate to each of the certified outlets stating that such outlets are recognised and authorised by SAO to sell hallmarked jewellery. Each outlet is required to display the certificate prominently at its premises to create and reinforce awareness that the Scheme is for the protection of customers; and the outlet has attained quality standard recognised by SAO.
  • If an outlet is no longer certified under the Scheme for any reason, the participating outlet shall within 3 business days, upon receipt of such notice, return certificate(s) to SAO immediately and shall not hold out or re-present to any party whatsoever that it is a certified outlet and is still in receipt of such certificate(s). If a certificate has been removed from an outlet, SAO will inform the Singapore Jewellery Association (if the outlet is a member of the association) and it will also be displayed on the STS/SAO website.


  • Certified participants are encouraged to incorporate SAO Hallmark on all their print advertisement with approved publications. Standard advertisement format as shown in Annex 1 shall be used. If in doubt or if there is any need to deviate from standard format, prior written approval must be obtained from SAO. Please contact SAO for a softcopy of the SAO advertisement format.
  • SAO may give rebates based on individual participant’s hallmarking fees collected during the Scheme year or on the amount of individual participant’s spending on print advertisements with the publications approved by SAO, subject to whichever is lower. The rebates which may be granted by SAO for the Scheme shall be worked out as follows:
    1. 5% of Amount of Spending on advertisements during the preceding scheme year or
    2. 5% of Hallmarking Fees collected during the preceding scheme year, whichever is lower only certified outlets which have spent a minimum hallmarking fees of S$15,000/= during the preceding scheme year shall qualify for the rebates
  • In order to qualify for the rebate, the size of the SAO logo must be 5% of the total size of the advertisement. Otherwise SAO has the right to not reward the rebate to the member.
  • Each participating outlet shall submit to SAO in writing its estimated advertisement spending during the year.
  • Rebates shall be credited to the participants’ account with SAO and shall be used only for payment of any service rendered by SAO. All rebates must be utilised within 6 months from date of credit note issued. No cash rebate shall be issued.
  • All claims for rebates must be substantiated with supporting documents showing proof of advertisements. All rebates must be claimed by participating outlets within 3 months after end of the preceding term of participation.

Withdraw/Termination from Scheme

  • SAO may, at anytime during the validity of the scheme by written notification, withdraw the certificate issued by SAO, if in the opinion of SAO, such outlet is not in compliance with the terms and conditions herein.
  • Any outlet who wishes to terminate its membership under the Scheme shall inform Sao in writing within 5 working days. In the event of a termination, the membership/renewal fees for that calendar year shall be forfeited and all outstanding charges must be settled by the withdrawing outlets within 30 days of the early termination.


  • SAO shall publicise the Singapore Hallmark. Certified outlets shall be given priority to participate in any joint promotions or advertisements put up by SAO to promote consumer awareness of the Singapore Hallmark and to upgrade the image and business of the local jewellery industry.
  • Any participant who may be aggrieved by any refusal of SAO to mark his articles or who may be aggrieved by an action of the Singapore Assay Office which would result in his articles not being marked with the Singapore Hallmark may, provided that he/she has complied with all the requirements, appeal to the Singapore Assay Office in writing.
  • SAO may from time to time by written notice to the participating outlet vary the terms and conditions governing the Scheme including but not limited to the administrative fees and any other fees payable. Such variations shall apply on the effective date specified by SAO. If participating outlet does not accept variations, the participating outlet may terminate its membership and shall return SAO the certificates and stickers issued immediately.


  • Notwithstanding anything herein contained the liability of SAO or its parent company Singapore Test Services (“STS”) under this Scheme shall be limited to the unwrought value by weight of the metal comprised in the articles that were sent in for hallmarking. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the testing services provided, SAO make no warranties or representations regarding its accuracy, completeness or fitness for purpose and STS/SAO shall in no circumstances be liable to the outlet or any other third parties for any direct, indirect, special consequential or other loss or damage resulting from the Scheme or any loss of or damage to the articles collected in relation to the Scheme.
  • Any claims by the outlets under this Scheme shall be notified in writing to SAO within 3 days of the date of the invoice issued by SAO. If SAO is not notified accordingly, the outlet shall be obliged to pay the price as if the article had been satisfactorily tested and delivered in accordance with the Scheme.
  • The terms of this Scheme shall be governed by the laws of Singapore and Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act shall not apply.